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Reseller Scheme

We are recruiting Reseller partner!

By joining our Reseller Scheme, you will enjoy a Reseller Discount Code at 30% off to purchase any Berkey products.

How to become a Reseller partner?

1. Create account online at : .

2. Checkout for Reseller Membership .

3. Get the Reseller Discount Code .

4. Deliver Berkey in your business!

Terms and Conditions 

1. The Reseller Scheme valid only at : .

2. The Reseller Discount Code valid only to the corresponding Reseller's account.

3. The Reseller Discount Code valid only within the membership period.

4. The Reseller Discount Code valid only in selected items.

5. The Reseller Discount Code valid only when minimum checkout amount HKD $2,000 in shopping cart.

6. The Reseller Discount Code cannot be used together with other promotion discount code.

7. In case of any dispute, Netz Concept Company Limited  reserve all rights.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1. Can I become a offline Reseller partner?
Answer 1 : Sorry, we provide online Reseller Scheme only.

Question 2 : Can I join Reseller Scheme for free?
Answer 2: Sorry, we don't provide free scheme, please checkout for Reseller Membership.

Question 3: Can I enjoy the Reseller offer without using Reseller Discount Code?
Answer 3 : Sorry, you must use the Reseller Discount Code in order to enjoy the Reseller offer.

Question 4 : Can I give my Reseller Discount Code to someone else?
Answer 4 : Sorry, t
he Reseller Discount Code valid only to the corresponding Reseller's account.

Question 5 : Can I use the Reseller Discount Code for small order?
Answer 5 : There is a minimum requirement of HKD $2,000 when checkout with the Reseller Discount Code.

Question 6 : Do you accept credit card?
Answer 6 : Yes, you can settle payment by credit card. Click here for Payment.

Question 7 : Do you provide delivery?
Answer 7 : Yes, we provide tracked shipping. Click here for Delivery.

Question 8: Can I get a refund if I no longer deliver Berkey in my business?
Answer 8 : Sorry, we don't provide refund for Reseller Membership.

Question 9 : Can I extend for Reseller Membership after expired?
Answer 9 : Sure, you can extend by checkout for Reseller Membership.

Question 10 : Can I use the Reseller Discount Code in other platform?
Answer 10 : Sorry, the Reseller Discount Code valid only at : .

Question 11 : Can I still get the warranty under Reseller scheme?
Answer 11 : Sure, all orders sold under Reseller scheme enjoy the Warranty.

Question 12 : Can I use the Reseller Discount Code together with other promotion discount code ?
Answer 12 : Sorry, you can only use one discount code when checkout.

Question 13 : Which selected item I can use with Reseller Discount Code?
Answer 13 : You can use it with selected item in Berkey Water SystemsReplacement FiltersShower FiltersAccessories and Special Offer only.


Netz Concept Company Limited is the authorized distributor of Berkey Water Systems in Hong Kong, China, Macau and Taiwan.